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We offer Instalment options and cash payment. Please contact us for further information.

Yes, you do need to acquire residence permit during your stay in the country (Note: this permit is not a requirement in purchasing your property only for your stay in the country). In the first year after your purchase all expenses related to residence permit and other processes related to acquiring your property are managed by the company Dido.

There are no restrictions in acquiring properties in Bosnia and Herzegovina by any foreign citizen. There are regulations which are installed to manage the process of acquisition of property by a foreigner in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This regulations vary according to your nationality; For nationals of Oman, they can acquire ownership right over real estate and for other nationals, are require to register their property as a firm or a business entity and such also comes with other advantages.

The construction is set to complete ending of this year and individual villas that are reserve and in the payment process can be completed within 20 to 60 working days. Construction and completion of individual villas is also depending on how the clients nature of payment.

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